Need a short URL? Then LSUA it!

Your new shortened URL is :
Short URL is case sensitive.


Have a long URL that's hard to share? Or just doesn't look good when pasted in a document or web page? Then you should! is a service used to make it easier to share long URLs.

What is a short URL

A Short URL is an extremely short link that can be used to shorten a URL that is long, complex and/or hard to remember.

Example: If you have a URL such as Leadership_Schol_FLIER_2012_1.sflb.ashx

This could be entered above and reduced to:

When should I use a short URL?

Anytime that you want to simplify a link that you may give out, paste in an email, put on course documentation or syllibus, or any other instance when you need a short link branded as LSUA.

Can I only shorten LSUA links?

No, any URL can be shortened using